Baillie Facilities

Baillie's lumber facilities are convenient to the principal North American shipping routes and seaports. With several lumber production facilities in the eastern United States, Baillie is where the hardwoods are. We are also well positioned to serve major North American markets and to ship to our customers overseas.



Sawmills with Kilns Concentration Yards

Boonville, NY
Davenport, NY
Smyrna, NY

Allegany, NY
Donalds, SC
Trempealeau, WI
Montezuma, IN

Leitchfield, KY
Titusville, PA
Cove City, NC
St. James - Galion, OH
Smyrna, NY

Log Yard Main Office
Williamsport, PA   Hamburg, NY



Baillie Lumber Overview

Watch this video and learn more.

Sawmill Operation

An overview of our general sawmill operations.

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