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Great Managers
Author and business consultant Marcus Buckingham has made a career of urging leaders to focus on people’s strengths.  Last week, I read an article (“What Great Managers Do”) that Buckingham published in the Harvard Business Review about 10...

Ripping Programs

SLR2E hardwood lumber rips

Solutions that are ideal for customers that require exact width hardwood lumber.

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Baillie Lumber Overview

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About Us

North American Hardwoods

north american hardwood lumber

Trust us for all the hardwood lumber species, qualities and quantities you may need.

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Imported Hardwoods

Access to all the major species from Africa, Asia, Central and South America.


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Custom Lumber Solutions

custom hardwood lumber solutions

Do you struggle with re-sorting bundles of lumber? Are you finding you are accumulating an increased amount of undesirable inventory? Does your production slow with inconsistent lumber? If so, Baillie can help!
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Trusted Resource Connection

hardwood lumber ideas

Perspectives on pertinent business and industry information.

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Baillie Lumber is proud to be a leading hardwood lumber manufacture, distributor and exporter. We buy and sell hardwood logs, provide North American hardwood lumber, tropical hardwood lumber and several proprietary grade hardwood lumber products. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve your hardwood lumber needs!

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